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Therapeutic Knee Pillow

Finally get a good nights rest with this cutting-edge Therapeutic Knee Pillow. It keeps your hips and knees in the proper alignment. Consultation provided by physical therapists helped improve the design even further. Now sleep all night without pain!
  • Will not collapse under pressure while still providing maximum comfort. Will not go flat after extended use.
  • Engineered to provide hours of use while still staying cool. No more sweaty pillow under the sheets. Zipped cover can easily be removed and machine washed.
  • Contoured design keeps your spine, legs and hip in ideal alignment. Sleep soundly without pain.
  • Prevents your knees from touching each other. Instant relief for those that have knee and joint pains.
  • Measurements: 10 inches x 8 inches x5.7 inches

For years physical therapists and chiropractors have been recommending this Therapeutic Knee Pillow. It's proven to help thousands cope with pain. Whether it's a bad sciatica, knee pain or pregnancy you'll get all-night relief with this pillow. Finally get the rest you need and deserve!