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Premium Spill-Proof Travel Tray For Kids

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Get a peace of mind during long trips. This one-of-a-kind Spill Proof Travel Tray keeps your kids occupied. That means more time focusing on the road and more rest.
  • Any mess stays contained in the tray. Not on the seats or floor.
  • It's water proof. Easily wipe away with a cloth or paper towel.
  • Both sides include a mesh pocket. Perfect for toys, books, food, drinks, sippy cup and more.
  • Sturdy walls around tray. Toys, food and drinks will not slip off.
  • Secure's tightly to car seat with re-enforced clamps. Will not slip or unbuckle.
  • Will work with any car seat thanks to adjustable straps.
  • Can be easily folded. Bring it anywhere you want.
  • Save big if you buy more than 1!

If you've ever been on a long road trip with kids you know one of your biggest concerns is keeping them busy. Otherwise it's going to be a long agonizing trip.

Thanks to this Spill Proof Travel Tray you can rest easier knowing they'll be busy. With the side mesh pockets you can stock up on snacks, toys and other things to keep them occupied.

And when they accidentally have a spill? It'll all stay contained within the tray and not on the seats or floor. Easily wipe away the mess and continue on the trip.

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