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5-Star IPL Laser Facial & Body Hair Removal

Tired of hairs growing back quickly after shaving OR getting laser treated at expensive salons? Refined and updated for 2019 the 5-Star IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset allows you to treat yourself in the the comforts of homeand have smooth hairless skin that lasts for months! Best of all you'll save a TON of cash in the long run.
  • Further advancements have resulted in little to ZERO discomfort during usage.
  • Leading-edge IPL emits a strong light that quickly destroys the root of the hair.
  • No more expensive salon visits.
  • Hairs will NOT grow back as quickly. Get months of smooth hairless skin. Some women have reported permanent hair loss!
  • Very precise. IPL affects hairs only and is gentle on skin.
  • 100% safe sensitive areas such armpit, legs, bikini area and face.
  • 5 energy levels. 300,000 Flashes.

Unlike traditional laser treatments our patented IPL design produces a broad spectrum light that covers a broader patch of hairs. And now you can treat your own hairs in the comforts of home with the cutting edge 5-Star IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset.

With this innovative handset you'll never need to visit an expensive laser salon to get the same job done. You'll NEVER again have to shave every single day. You'll have months of smooth hairless skin!

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