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Military Full Finger Tactical Gloves

When participating in outdoor activities you need the best gear to protect one of your most valuable assets: your hands. These cutting edge Tactical Gloves protect you from bruises, scratches, insect stings, cuts and the whatever mother nature throws at you.

Created with breathable materials it allows you to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities with maximum comfort. Regardless of the weather conditions.

The undersides of the fingertips are touchscreen compatible. You'll never have to take these gloves off to answer a call, make a text or just browse the internet.

  • Knuckle Protection: Heavy duty pads guard your knuckles and absorbs any impact.
  • Breathable material: No sweaty palms. These ventilated gloves provides maximum comfort in hot or cold weather.
  • Resistant to wear and tear: Engineered to last. Made with durable microfiber it'll last you decades.
  • Anti-Slip: Reinforced PU layer of the palm prevents any slip from shooting, hunting, tactical training and more.
  • Does not affect the natural movement of your hands.
  • Superior Grip: Dual layer synthetic leather on the palm provides superior grip in any condition.