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Neje™ Engraving Machine - Starter DIY (2020 Edition)

Finally have the power to engrave anything you want on your personal belongings. Your family and friends will love receiving gifts with personalized engravings!
This starter DIY engraving machine and its laser printing technology allows you to produce your wildest ideas into cell phone cases, business cards, wallets, keys and more. And you won't have to sell an arm and a leg for it. This engraving machine is affordable and is made for the home DIY'er.

Just plug it into your computer via the USB port and with just one click of your mouse it'll start printing any design you want.
This cutting-edge engraving machine takes your ideas and beautifully engraves it to any surface. It's fast and precise. Most engraving machines costs thousands for the same technology but you won't have to pay anywhere that much.

Why You'll  Love This Engraving Machine:
  • Easily position materials in any position - With feedback from thousands of customers this machine has been updated to allow you to position your materials in any position without compromise.
  • Engineered to last - Made of durable aluminum and stainless steel it'll last for years to come with any job you throw at it.
  • Stable and accurate engraving - The 1000mW laser engraves 10 times faster than others while remaining 100% accurate.
  • Engraves on many types of surfaces - Wood, bamboo, paper, ivory, leather, plastic, printed circuit board and much more!

    • Engraving area: 4 x 4 inches (100mm x 100 mm).
    • Computer requirements: Windows 7, XP, 8 and 10. Will not work for Apple Computers.
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee