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Electric LED Drinking Fountain


Keeps Your Healthy For Years

The number one enemy of cats is dehydration. Thousands of cats die every year due to a lack of poor hydration and kidney related issues.

Studies show 1 in 3 cats will experience kidney disease within their lifetime. It's not until it is too late for it to be detected.

With this new LED drinking fountain it encourages your cat to drink more and stay hydrated throughout the day. This reduces the chances of a preventable health issue.

  • The moving water from the fountain encourages your cat to drink more. This in turn prevents urinary tract diseases.
  • Prevents overeating and dehydration.
  • Very effective for cats that only eat dry foods.
  • Carbon activated filter removes harmful bacteria and toxins.
  • Heavy duty construction means it'll last for years.
  • Easy to clean and put away.
  • Operates silently. The sound of flowing water from this fountain can even sooth you after a hard day at work!
  • Non-toxic and BPA free materials.