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Cozy Comfy Baby Wrap 1.20

Spending all day holding your baby and can't get anything done? With the new Cozy Comfy Baby Wrap you can literally wear your infant while keeping both hands free. You'll love how it gives you so much freedom!
  • Extremely portable. Easily folds and tucks away.
  • Great for trips! No more lugging a regular baby carrier around.
  • Comfortably wraps infants up to 35 pounds
  • One size fits all including plus size women
  • Keeps infants cozy and snuggled against you
  • Keeps both your hands free
  • Creates an ultra close bond between you and infant
  • Infants are so comfortable they fall sleep instantly
  • Made of stretchy material so it easily forms around you and baby
  • Made of 95% breathable cotton
  • Keeps both you and baby cool
  • Measurements: 17 feet x 1.7 feet

Your baby will love being so close to you and you'll love the freedom it gives you. The Cozy Comfy Baby Wrap is perfect for running errands or even on vacations. When folded it's small and portable. When it's not needed then simply chuck it into your bag and be on your way.

 How to Use Cozy Comfy Baby Wrap