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3D Breathable Mask Frame


3D Mask Frame Helps You Breathe Better Under Your Mask

Wearing a mask holds a lot of inconveniences, from ruining your makeup to fogging up your glasses. We’ve created a solution that allows you to free up your face while keeping you safe.

The 3D Breathable Mask Frame creates more distance between your mouth and mask. You'll find yourself breathing easier throughout the day while staying comfortable!

This mask frame negates all the inconveniences of wearing a mask. Now you can go about your day staying free, healthy and comfy.

Why You Need This 3D Breathable Mask Frame...

Nullify the inconvenience - It separates your face from the mask to nullify the chances of makeup loss, sweating and foggy glasses.

Freedom to breathe - You won’t get dizzy wearing a mask again. With space around your nostrils, you can inhale as much air as you need.

Forget about the mask- The gummy silicone molds into your facial structure for supreme all-day comfort. It will feel like you're not even wearing a mask!

The ultimate choice - Don't let the inconveniences of a mask ruin your day. Put on this 3D Breathable Mask Frame and release your face from any tightness!