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Chic Blue Light Blockers

Clear Blue
Clear Pink
Matte Black
Get massive headaches from staring at the computer screen all day? These beautiful eyeglasses blocks harsh blue light emitting from computer monitors. Say goodbye to headaches, migraines and eye strain!
  • Blocks harsh blue light from monitors, TVs and mobile devices
  • Reduces eye strain from fluorescent lighting
  • Great for adults and teens!
  • Zero magnification
  • No prescription needed
  • Will not damage eyesight
  • Can be worn over contact lenses

    Nobody should have to live with the constant eye strain and headaches. These innovative glasses block harsh blue light from monitors, TVs and mobile devices. The lenses itself haszero magnification so itwill NEVER damage your eyesight. AND no prescription needed! Best of all it's chic design means you wont have to make any compromises.

    Due to high demand and limited stock please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.