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Lumbar Decompression Belt

🏆 Top Rated Product By Chiropractors and Physiotherapists

Sick and tired of living with lower back pain? Simply wrap the one-size-fits-all Swiss Lumbar Pain Relief Belt around your waist and start squeezing the included pump. This inflates the belt vertically by up to 4 inches (7.5cm). It stretches and lengthens the spine, taking pressure off any bulging or herniated disc. Within minutes you'll magically feel the pain melt away. Finally enjoy your favorite activities for hours and start living your life again!

  • Decreases pain on lumbar vertebrae
  • Allows oxygen, blood and nutrients to reach spine
  • Relieves inflammation around sciatic nerve and discs
  • Reduces pain from sciatica
  • Stretches lower spine and releases pinched nerves
  • Prevents episodes of severe spasms and pain
  • Can be used during physical activities
  • Removes pressure from surrounding joints
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Helps aid in pain relief due to disc degeneration
  • Lifts upper vertebra from herniated disc
  • No more taking expensive pain killers
  • Improves your posture while sitting
  • No more visiting chiropractors or doctors
  • Sizing: Fits waist sizes 29 to 49 inches (29cm to 124cm). 9 inch (22cm) extension included at no extra cost!
  • Belt provides stronger support for your lower back
  • For the price you pay to visit a chiropractor you can take care of the problem yourself!
  • Finally able to sit for longer periods
  • Perfect for truck drivers who sit for long periods
  • Relieves pain due to spinal stenosis

Say goodbye to expensive medications, chiropractor visits and lower back surgeries. The one-size-fits-all Swiss Lumbar Pain Relief Belt stretches and decompresses your lower back into their proper position with each press of the included hand pump. This instantly reduces pain, releases pinched nerves and so much more. It'll improve your posture to boot! You'll finally feel like you again!
  • Belt inflates up to 4 inches (7.5cm) with included hand pump.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Can be used during physical activities including laying down
  • Can be worn for hours without causing damage to device and yourself
  • Stays inflated until air pressure is released

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