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3-Pack Premium Self Grooming Brush

Instead of scuffing up your walls and furniture your cat will spend all it's time grooming itself on this game-changing Cat Self Grooming Brush (New Updated 2019 Version).
  • Promotes a healthier coat of fur. It'll look slick, smooth and shiny!
  • Stimulates and massages your cat. They'll love it!
  • Cutting edge bristles collects and removes loose hairs. This means less hair on sofa and carpet. 
  • Easy install and removal. 3M tape included or install into corners with included screws.
  • Has insert for catnip (catnip included for FREE).
  • Won't damage walls, table, etc if using 3M tape. 
  • Measurements: 5.1 inch x 3.5 inch

You love your cat so why not give it the best? This one-of-a-kind self grooming brush can easily be attached to any wall corner, table leg etc. Cats are naturally attracted to this innovative brush and will start to groom itself against it. The cutting edge design of the bristles help catch any loose hairs and promotes a healthier coat of fur.

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