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Facial Steamer Beautifier

To get the most out of our Skin Scrubber Beautifier we highly recommend you combine it with this Facial Steamer Beautifier. It preps your skin and opens its pores. Will help Skin Scrubber Beautifier do its job more effectively.
The Facial Steamer Beautifier is also your one-stop spa steamer at home. It's advanced PTC ceramic heating element vaporizes distilled water. This produces a negatively charged ionic partical which is 10 times more effective in penetrating your skin.
  • Opens up pores for easier facial cleansing and makeup removal.
  • Combine with essential oils for soothing relief.
  • Moisturizes skin.
  • Inhalation attachment for nose and mouth. Helps clear congestion and sinuses.
  • Can be turned into a indoor humidifier. 
  • 3 levels of steam adjustability.

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